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About Dept.

The department of Botany established as one of the integral part of the college in June 1991. The present campus area is 6.0 acres and out of that the department constituting 135 Sqf. Area is located on one floor of college building for Botany. The Department was started with one lecturer and one Lab attendant. At present it has well qualified teaching staff with two Senior Lecturer and one junior lecturers. It is also provided with necessary laboratory staff. The Department has well equipped sophisticated laboratory for its teaching and research activity. It has significant share in the overall developmental process of the college.

The study of Botany is vital as plants are a fundamental part of life on Earth. The curriculum for the B.Sc. Botany Programme has been designed with an aim of encouraging the broad instructional goals and to support the growing demands and challenging trends in the educational scenario. It targets at providing an environment that encourages, promotes and stimulates the intellectual, professional and personal development of the student. The curriculum caters to the all-round development of the student, preparing globally ready individuals into the fast pacing world. A three-year bachelor’s degree program in Botany provides the foundation for prospective botanists to pursue a graduate level education or find an entry-level career.


The course introduces students to the importance of plants as an integral part of existence on the planet. It is imperative to internalise fully the fact that human existence depends on plants and hence, the necessity to conserve nature is the need of the hour. A few activities are conducted at the end of the each semester which are relevant to the topics covered. Algal collections, visits to tissue culture labs, plant collection trips, project works, maintenance of plant diversity on campus are few of the activities. These activities enable the students to study the subject outside the classroom environment.

Information of Staff

Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation Mobile No. Email ID
1 Dr. Smita Basole M.Sc. Ph.D Assist. Prof. & Head 8080162054 smitabasole21@gmail.com


  • Internet facility
  • Class rooms with ICT facility

Best Practices

  • Students are encouraged to give seminars.
  • Exhibitions are arranged for students to display their talents in model and chart making.
  • Videos are shown during practical classes on certain topics to help students get a better grasp on the subject.
  • For slow learners, help is given to them separately to explain the concept in native language
  • Maintenance of beautification of college campus
  • Student projects and Field tours for student.
  • Awareness campaign regarding conservation of Biodiversity: Lectures in different parts of regions is conducted to make the people aware regarding natural resources and their sustainable management

Sr. No Plan of Action
1 P G course in Botany
2 Opening of Research centre
3 Extension of Departmental Library.
4 Extension of soil testing laboratory
5 To introduce need based vocational courses or certificates courses such as, Biofertilizer & nursery techniques.
6 To submit  Research Proposal to UGC,DBT etc.
7 To organize Seminar, Workshop, Conferences

SWOC analysis of the department:


  • Consistent good results.
  • Disciplined students eager to learn.
  • Classes go on through most of the regular academic calendar with least disturbance.


  • Lack of properly equipped laboratories to accommodate the growing strength of students.
  • Absence of a separate museum due to paucity of space.
  • Students face problems with respect to comprehension of the subject.
  • Many students, having studied in their mother tongue are slow to grasp the subject due to lack of language skills (English).
  • Insufficient staff.