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About Department

Having been established with the inception of the college in 1972, the Department of English has distinguished itself in various spheres of English studies, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities etc. At present, Dr. D. N. Ganjewar is the Head of the Department. Being an Associate Professor, he is a well-known Research Guide in the University. Today, the department has the privilege of being one of the leading departments of English in any college of Dr. B.A.M. University. The Department Faculty has been vital in the areas of Literary Criticism, Critical Theory, Literary Movements, Indian Writings in English, British and American literatures, World Literature, Research Methodology, Creative Writing and Soft Skills. Besides this, Dr. D. N. Ganjewar has guided many teachers in the diverse fields like Indian Literature in English, Post Colonial Literature in English, American Studies, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, British Literature, New Literatures in English / Commonwealth Literature etc. Besides organizing conferences and seminars on regular basis, the department invites creative writers and academic stalwarts for lectures on various aspects of English Language and literature. The faculty of the department is actively involved in the various academic bodies of various universities and colleges in the country and contributes towards the running of the college in various ways. At present, Dr. D. N. Ganjewar is the IQAC Coordinator, Area Coordinator of Dr. B.A.M. University, Aurangabad and the Chief NSS Programme Officer of the College. He in addition has actively bestowed Guest Lectures in various National and International Conferences in India and abroad. Dr. Ganjewar has successfully evaluated Ph.D. Thesis of various Universities like Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, P.A.H. Solapur University, Solapur etc.


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Information of Staff

Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation Mobile No. Email ID
1. Dr. D. N. Ganjewar M.A.,B.Ed.,SET,M.Phil., Ph.D. Associate Professor & Head 7020064989 ganjewardn@gmail.com
2. Dr. V. K. Chavan M.A., B.Ed.,Ph.D. Asst. Prof.

8275051793 vkchavan2015@gmail.com


The college runs B.A. Compulsory and Optional English Course. There is compulsory English mandatory for B.Sc.I & II years and B.Com. I & II years. The Department has an well-equipped Integrated Language Lab along with access over the Smart Classroom, LCD Projector, T.V., a Sound System (Amplifier, Mikes and Conference System) available in the Main Building and used whenever necessary. The Dept. has a comprehensive CDs, VCDs and DVDs containing the movies and plays based on text. The Department also has a small library of its own raised out of student’s aid fund. All the faculty members are provided computer with internet facility. Referred Journals of National and International reputation are available in the College Library.

Best Practices

Following are the Best Practices run by the Department –

  1. Certificate Course in Communicative English
  2. Remedial Coaching for Govt. & Private Hostel Students
  3. E-Quiz Competition
  4. Language & Literary Association
  5. English Fluency Test for Students
  6. Online English Text Reading Competition for Students
  7. Words Scrabble Game
  8. English Vocabulary Test

Future Plan

Following are the Future Plans of the Department –

  1. To run PG in English
  2. To organize International Conference on ‘Indigenous Languages and Their Literature’
  3. To do collaboration with various Departments of English within State
  4. To run Research Center in English
  5. To train High Schools English Students at Kille Dharur and the surrounding places