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About Department

The Department of History started in the year 0f 1972 the Faculty member offer valuable knowledge to students from rural and treble area. The faculty member are enough Co-operative to spreat the knowledge related to political science for achieving the best carrier in political science and politics. Our Faculty member are very actual engaged in in research work to develop and enhance the quality education.
The Department now and then encourages the students of participate in different college us, inter-caliginous and state level competitions. The fruitful result of its that. It means that history is not related just with past. It is defined as ‘A continual communication between the past and present.

Scope of History:

Today’s History is not just a record of events but it is an independence branch of study which deal with arts, religion, architectures, tradition, knowledge, understanding. In an ancient times, history was just a story of Kings and Queens but in modern times its scope has changed. Hence it is a comprehensive and all-encompassing subject.


Historical idea The Student understands the Signification of formal and informal of institutions in the society The Student locates the study of politics within the ongoing development of the social Sciences. Student’s development of research Skill Political science objective Against communal politics and fascist a forces who are on the verge of dividing India on the basis of caste, creed & religion. Working to Established social Justice and equality for all the Citizens of India. History objective establishing the Welfare State, where all citizens could be ensured free education, Health and food Security Political science objective the establish social ethics. Analyze current political situations student take the position on and argue orally and in writing for different History and Issue position.

Information of Staff

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&Assistant Professor

7744910866 prof.mgrathod@gmail.com
02 Mr.B.B.SWANT M.A.B.ed.


Assistant Professor


8888577251 babusawant0012@gmail.com


  • To Provide the MPSC /UPSC Books and free Guidance in the department
  • Students are providing the online teaching and PDF documents
  • Department has smart class rooms with LCD projector with facilities
  • Department and central library for books access
  • Creating research atmosphere for students in the department

Best Practices

  • Department Wallpaper competition
  • Group discussion
  • MPSC&UPSC General knowledge Test
  • Debate on contemporary political issues
  • Voting Awareness Rally
  • Celebration of constitutional Day

Future Plan

  • To Organize group discussion.
  • To invite the Emanate personalities for Guest Lecturer.
  • To Organize Study Tour