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About Department

The great visionary leaders, social thinkers and educationalist of this region late Hon. Shri Vinaykraoji Patil, late Hon. Shri. Sundarraoji Solankesaheb, late Hon. Shri. Ramraoji Awargaonkarsaheb has been established this college in June 1972. Initially there were only two branches arts and commerce. As the science faculty is vast growing branch and by considering the importance science faculty was started from June 1991 on non grant basis. The development of any country is totally depends upon the recent trends and development of science. In order to advance the pupils of the society they must have the scientific views, scientific ideas. By considering this nobel views our great leaders has been started this science faculty in this remote area.

Presently the science faculty and department of physics is well established, developed and furnished. The physics department is well known and popular department, nearly fifty students for each class are admitted and with the sincere efforts taken by the faculty, the students were completing there degree course successfully.

The result of the department from last five years is quite attractive and glorious. Every year nearly 10 % of students of the department were admitted for the post graduate courses. The maximum number of students are doing their jobs in different government and private sectors. And as our institutional main goal is to develop and to provide education to the poor, needy students of this rural area and to make them eligible to stand as a good human, good civilian of the nation. The students of the department are giving their best among the best to the society, nation and to the host institution and doing their jobs with a great satisfaction.

It is our great pleasure to mention that our alumni Prof. Dr. MahadeoSakhare, Dr. Ganesh Tambve, Dr. Jamil Jargar, Dr. Vilas Ingle and much more like to them has brighten their career in the research field & has achieved land mark in their career. Some of our prominent alumni which are doing their jobs at various posts of government and private sectors are Mr. Dubesuchit, Mr. KhogareDipak,Mr. chate Suresh, Mr. SolankeTulsidas, Mr. SolankeGovind, Mr. Karad Rajesh, Mr. MunjabhauBhalekar, Mr. Ganesh Bhalekar, Mr. WaghmareVikas, Mr. Hange Nitin, Mr. KaradMaharudra, Mr. Lamb R.N. , Mr. MundePravin, Miss.Shamla Tat, Prof. ShingareShubhangi, Prof. ShelkePratibha, Miss. Kagde M.K., Mr. Kakade S.B.. Mr. Randive V. A. Mr. Pathan.

The departmental faculties Dr. L.B. Jadhavar, Dr. Miss. K.R. Desai Madam, Dr. R. R. Bhosale has competed their research work and has published their research papers in the reputed national and international journals. The faculty has actively participated in the various national, international conferences and workshops.

It feels proudly to mention that the department has taken good efforts and has successfully organized the national conference and webinar and has given an opportunity to the students, research workers of this rural area to participate, to make a dialogue, to listen the great popular scientists. Certainly many students of this area gets benefited, inspired and will find their career in the research field. The title of the conferences organized by the department are as-

  1. The Nanomaterials and their Applications Critical (NCNA- 2018-19) on 14 February 2019.
  2. A one day National webinar on – Recent Developments in Material Science and Nano- technology on 23 July 2020.


  • To create awareness among the students regarding to the scientific views.
  • To remove the superstition and to inculcate the scientific ideas.
  • To search and to explain the cause of natural phenomena observing in the daily life.
  • To create interest to handle the various experiments in the department.
  • To create responsible and sensitive civilian and scientists.

Information of Staff

Sr. No Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Date of Appointment Contact No.
01 Dr. L. B. Jadhavar Head of the Department & Associate Professor M.Sc. Ph.D. SET 28th August 1992 9579469881
02 Dr. R. R. Bhosale Assistant Profes M.Sc. Ph.D. 04th January 2020 8888639309
03 Mr. D.P. Solanke Jr. Lecturer M.Sc. B.Ed. 27th August 2013 7038152226
04 Mr. S. N. Shinde Lab Assistant B.A 16th May 1994 7875182680
05 Mr. J.M. Pawar Lab Attendant B.Sc. 01st  February 2000 9545616165


1) The spacious laboratory with sophisticated equipments.

2) Computers & internet facility for the students & staff.

3) The Charts, Models, Journals, are available.

4) Use of ICT & Green boards for teaching.

5) 502 Reference Books and Textbooks are available in Central Library.

6) E-resources are available in the Central Library.

Best Practices

1) The students are motivated to participate in the poster presentation, debate, science exhibition, project work etc.

2) The students are encouraged & guided for the study and to participate in the various competitive examinations like M.P.S.C., U.P.S.C. & other State Govt. Exams.

3) By increasing the practical & research skill of the students the students are made aware for the role of physics in the various developmental aspects.

4) The students are made aware to use the ‘Renewable energy sources.

5) The facility to observe the Solar & Moon Eclipse with the help of modern astronomical telescope.

Future Plan

1) To establish ‘Astronomer’s Forum’ to aware and create the interest for astrophysics among the students of this region.

2) To begin M.Sc. in Physics and the research centre in the Material science.

3) To organize a workshop on the physical experiments in association with the Avishkar or IAPT, Kanpur for the students of this rural area.