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About Department

The department of SOCIOLOGY was established in June 1972. It was an attempt of management to make available the new trends of education by introducing the Art faculty in the college. The department of sociology from the time of the establishment has tried to enrich the knowledge of student regarding the society. Today sociology is the main subject in the art faculty. More than fifty students take this subject every year. The central library has sufficient text books, reference book and also journals like Manavlok Research Bulletin Yojana etc. The members of in our department are not only active but they participate in every activity of the college. Due to our active participation, our subject is made most likely amongst the students.


  • To aware poor and needy students about the education
  • To create scientific attitude in the students.
  • To prepare students as a responsible citizen of society.
  • To provide the current trends of economics in India and other countries.
  • To upgrade their knowledge in the economics by providing journal.
  • To promote students to participate in social exhibition.
  • To make students creative through project work, poster presentation and seminar.
  • To introduce the students the basic knowledge of economics.
  • To enable the students to apply economic concept, terms and theory in everyday life.
  • Give inspire to students of teaching attitude.

Information of Staff

Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation Mobile No. Email ID
1. Govind Dattatray Bavaskar MA.NET M.Fhil Assit. Professor 9860213183 gdbavaskar@gmail.com


  • To provide information about departmental Facilities.
  • Library
  • Internet facility
  • Class rooms with ICT facility

Best Practices

  • Students are encouraged to give seminars.
  • Exhibitions are arranged for students to display their talents in model and chart making.
  • Videos are shown during practical classes on certain topics to help students get a better grasp on the subject.
  • For slow learners, help is given to them separately to explain the concept in native language
  • Maintenance of beautification of college campus
  • Student projects and Field tours for student.
  • Awareness campaign regarding conservation of Biodiversity: Lectures in different parts of regions is conducted to make the people aware regarding natural resources and their sustainable management

Future Plan

  • To create user-friendliness of Information & Technology among Rural Students.
  • The department will organize National level conference on Research Methodology and Role conflict of working woman in society.
  • The department will organize a workshop on revised syllabus and advance teaching aids.
  • The department will motivate to faculty and student to Research in various field.
  • The faculty members will to use new teaching methods for teaching in class room.
  • To start Guidance Cell for Interview skill.
  • To Organize Seminar, Work-shops & Conferences on National & International Level.

SWOC analysis of the department:


  • Consistent good results.
  • Disciplined students eager to learn.
  • Classes go on through most of the regular academic calendar with least disturbance.


  • Lack of properly equipped laboratories to accommodate the growing strength of students.
  • Absence of a separate museum due to paucity of space.
  • Students face problems with respect to comprehension of the subject.
  • Many students, having studied in their mother tongue are slow to grasp the subject due to lack of language skills (English).
  • Insufficient staff.