Student Welfare and Aid

Student Welfare and Aid


The college has established a Committee for Student Welfare and Aid. The Coordinator of this committee is Prof. Dr. Bharti D. M.. Every year, few students are helped by the college after the recommendation made by the committee. The college is proud of helping those student who are really in need of financial support. Even, the staff of the college also helps financially to such students. The Student Welfare and Aid Committee also guides the poor and needy students for their academic development. In brief, the college gives economic support to students.

Selection Criteria for Students:

Those students who are below poverty line or land less family or weaker section (SC, ST, OBC, SBC, VJNT).

of Students Benefitted by the College:

Sr. No. Year No. of Students
1. 2019-20 07
2. 2020-21 03
3. 2021-22 06


Sr. No. Name of the Teacher Responsibilities Tenure
1 Prof. Dr. Bharti D. M. Coordinator, Student Welfare Cell 2018-19 to till today
2 Prof. Dr. Bharti D. M. Chairman, Innovative teaching & Learning Skills development Cell 2018-19 to till today