Marathwada Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s

Arts, Commerce and Science College, Kille-Dharur
Dist. Beed - 431124 (M.S.)

Coaching for Entry into Services

Coaching for Entry into Services

Free Coaching for Preparation of Competitive Exams:

  • Union Public Service Commission [MPSC] Exams
  • Maharashtra Public Service Commission [MPSC] Exams
  • Other Regional Competitive Exams


Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Mr. G. D. Bavaskar Coordinator
2. Dr. A. D. Lakhe Member
3. Dr. M. B. Tat Member
4. Mr. D. G. Gavali Member
5. Mr. M. G. Rathod Member


Creating able and effective administrators and powerful human resources for government and non-government services


  • To guide and bring out the substantial potential in students
  • To provide coaching for entry in services
  • To design and shape the mind set up of students for administrative, defense and various services
  • To sharpen the knowledge and study skills of students
  • To create human resources for various administrative, educational, official capacities
  • To empower students with various life skills


Arts, Commerce & Science College, Kille Dharur Dist. Beed are situated in a rural and hilly area. The latent skills and potential of rural students can be bring out for the cause of nation and society by providing them coaching for various competitive examinations and sharpening their soft skills as well as empower their life skills. It would be beneficial by providing able human resources to give working and efficient human wing in various administrative and service sectors. Keeping this in mind, the college provides coaching for entry in services. Students are provided with the ambience and necessary resource apart from teaching.


  • Consistent Regular Classes
  • Well qualified teaching staff.
  • Modern teaching aids like L.C.D. Projector used for teaching.


  • Consistent Regular Classes
  • Lectures of Expert
  • Well qualified teaching staff.
  • Modern teaching aids like L.C.D. Projector used for teaching.
  • Special Section of books in Central Library
  • Reading Room
  • Xerox Facility
  • Old Question Papers (Question Bank) of various Competitive Examination
  • Complete List of competitive examinations in India
  • Study Material of YCMOU, Nashik
  • E-resources
  • Documentaries on different subjects
  • Special clips on mathematical and reasoning questions
  • Lectures of Expert
  • E-books
  • Charts and Maps
  • Books,
  • Globe of world,
  • Internet facility
  • Documentaries and films
  1. Teachers give freedom to students to choose the topic of their interest and motivate them to teach. Students prepare that topic in detail and teach it in the classroom. In this way, they learn it twice.
  2. It helps them to articulate themselves in a good manner as well as boost their morale for doing better. It also binds them emotionally to the class and inspires to achieve their common goal.
  3. Students prepare MCQ papers on the topics taught by them. These are circulated amongst them. They solve it. Answer Keys are prepared by the student question paper setter. The answers are discussed in the class. It helps them to have close reading and deep understanding of the topic. It also removes surprise or anxiety element related to examination.
  4. Students prepared the videos of their presentation. These videos are used as teaching learning resource. They share it to all their fellow students. These videos are vital aid to revise their topic and study it again and again.
  5. These videos have become useful knowledge resources.
  6. Students prepared the posters and gave presentations on their topics. It gave a creative opportunity to them for expression and articulation of the knowledge they acquired during their studies on concerned topics.