Marathwada Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s

Arts, Commerce and Science College, Kille-Dharur
Dist. Beed - 431124 (M.S.)



Research Publication

Number of research papers published per teacher in the Journals notified on UGC website during the last five years (2017-2022)

Title of paperName of the author/sDepartment of the teacherName of journalYear of publicationISSN numberIs it listed in UGC Care list
Description of new species of a Cestode  parasite, Circumoncobothrium devidasensis, from a teleost fish Mastacembelus armatusDr. A. D. LakheZoologyBioscience Biotech.Research Communication2017-182321-4007Yes
A new species of cestode parasite Stilesia shindei, from Mammalian animal Ovis bharalZoologyLife Science Bulletin2018-192321-7952Yes
Taxonometric description of new tapeworm Moniezia (B.) Bombayensis from Kaij (M.S.) IndiaDr. A. D. Lakhe                            Dr. S. S. JadhavZoologyPurakala2019-200971-2143Yes
Role of NSS volunteers in the quality enrichment of the institutionDr. A. D. Lakhe                            Mr. V. D. KapawarZoology, HindiStudies in Indian Place Names2019-2023-94-3114Yes
A  new tapeworm Stilesia kaijensis sp.nov. (Eucestoda: Thysanosomidae Fuhrman, 1907) from Kaij, M.S.,India.Dr. A. D. Lakhe                            Dr. S. S. JadhavZoologyUttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology2020-210256-971XYes
A ptychobothridaen cestode Senga killedharurensis sp.nov. of fresh water fish from kille Dharur, Dist. Beed, M.S.,IndiaDr. A. D. LakheZoologyEcology, Environment & Coservation2021-220971-765XYes
No Poverty in IndiaProf. Dr. D. M. BhartiEconomicsOur Heritage2019-20 0474-9030Yes
Inequality in Male-Female Ratio and  Sustainable DevelopmentEconomicsOur Heritage2019-20 0474-9030Yes
Sustainable Development of AgricultureEconomicsOur Heritage2019-20 0474-9030Yes
Heritage of Marathwada: Opportunities and ChallengesEconomicsOur Heritage2019-20 0474-9030Yes
A Critique of Partap Sharma’s Play, Zen KathaDr. D. N. GanjewarEnglishShodhasamhita2021-222277-7067Yes
Distinctiveness of ‘Self’ in Partap Sharma’s A Touch of BrightnessEnglishDogo Rangsang Research Journal2021-222347-7180Yes
Dissension Between Male and Female in R. K. Narayan’s The GuideEnglishThe Journal of Oriental Research, Madras2021-220022-3301Yes
From Structuralism to Trans-Deconstruction :EnglishEpitome2021-222395-6968Yes
Shahir Waman Dada Kardak Vyakti ani karyaDr. V. S. KedariMarathiTifan2021-222231-573XYes
Daridrya Nirmulanath Bhartachi BhumikaMr. N. S. WaghmarePolitical ScienceOur Heritage2019-200474-9030Yes
Mahatma Jyotiba Fule Yanche Samaj Sudharna Vishyak DhoranMr. M. G. RathodHistoryEtihas Darpan2021-220974-3065Yes
GST Challenge and Opportunities: – Various Sectos and on Indian EconomyMr. V. S. Kumbhare                Dr. S. D. TalekarCommerceOUR HERITAGE2019-200474-9030Yes
New Changes of Income Tax Structrue : Perspective in Budget 2020-21Dr. V. B. KuteCommerceOUR HERITAGE2019-200474-9030Yes
Issues and Challenges of Digital PaymentsDr. B. A. PagareCommerceAn International Multi-disciplinary Research Journal2019-202277-5730Yes
Issue of Service Sector : Its Mechanism in Share of Administration and ManagementCommerceIndo-Asian Research Reporter2019-205424-3306Yes
Sushashan Shashwat Vikasachi GurukilliDr. D. B. JadhavPublic AdministrationOUR HERITAGE2019-200474-9030Yes
On Aboodh transformation for Fractional Differential OperetorDr. A. R. GadeMathematicsMalaya Journal of Matematic2019-202321-5666Yes
Analytical Solution for Time Fractional Heat Diffusion Equation by Laplace Carlson decompotion MethodMathematicsOUR HERITAGE2019-200474-9030Yes
A New Approach for Solving a System of Fractional Differential EquationMathematicsAdvances in Mathematical Science2020-211857-8438Yes
Laplace Carlson Transform for Fractional OrderMathematicsMalaya Journal of Matematic2020-212321-5666Yes
Fractional Shehu Transform and Its ApplicationsMathematicsSouth East Asian Journal of Matematics and Mathematical Science2021-222582-0850Yes
Synthesis of 1, 5-Benzodiazepine Derivates Using [BMIM] Br as a Rnvironmentaly Benign CatalystDr. G. K. KakadeChemistryIJARESM2020-212455-6211Yes
Sunthesis of Imidazo [1,2-a] Pyridine Derivatives using Copper Silicate as an Efficient and Reusable CatalustChemistryLetters in Applied Nanobioscience2020-212565-2570Yes
Synthesis , Characterization and Antimicrobial Analysis of some Chromones containing Pyrazole MoietyChemistryInternational Journal of Innovation Research in Science, Engineering and  Technology2020-212230-7842Yes
Ultrasound assisted Green Synthesis of 2-FURAN-2-YL-4H-CHROMEN-4-Ones from ChalconesChemistryInternational Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Research2019-200975-7066Yes
Synthesis and Characterization of Urethane Side Chain Substituted DiketopyrrolopyrroleChemistryScientific Research2020-212075-0245Yes
Synthesis of Acridine Derivatives Using [Bmim] Br Ionic Liquid as PromoterChemistryIJARESM2019-202455-6211Yes
Azomethine – (5-methyl-1H- tetrazol-l-yl)ConjugatesChemistryInternational Journal Green & Herbal Chemistry2019-202278-3229Yes
Synthesis, Characterization and antimicrobial analysis of various substituted 3…ChemistryInternational Journal of Advance & Innovative Research2019-202230-7842Yes
Synthesis, Spectral Study, Physico-Chemical Properties and Biological Activity of Pyrrole ChalconeChemistryInternational Journal of Innovation Research in Science, Engineering and  Technology2018-192319-8753Yes
Antimicribial Potential of Schife Base Metal Complexes : An OverviewChemistryEuropean Journal of Pharmacetical and Medical Research2017-182394-3211Yes
Synthesis of some novel pyrazolines containing pyrazole moietyChemistryInternational Journal of Chem Tech Research2017-182394-4099Yes
Synthesis of some novel chalcone containing pyrazole moietyChemistryDer Pharma Chemica2017-180975-413xYes
Physico-chemical properties of furan chalconeChemistryIndian Journal of Applied Research2017 – 182319-8753Yes
Disodium Phosphate:A Highly Efficient Catalyst for One-Pot Synthesis of Substituted 3,4Dihydropyrano [3,2-C] ChromenesChemistryOrbital: The Electronic Journal of Chemistry2017-181684-6428Yes
Copper Silicate Catalyzed Efficeint Synthesis of 2,4 5-Trisubstituted imidazole Derivatives Via Multicomponent approachChemistryCurrent Pharma Research2019-202230-7842Yes
Genetic Studies on Cotton Derived Through IntrogressionDr. M. S. WadikarBotanyInternational Journal of Advance & Innovative Research2019-202394-7780Yes
Isolation And Morphological Characterization of Pathogenic Fungi of Zingiber Officinale RoscoeBotanyResearch Journey International Multidisciplinary E-Research Journal2019-202348-7143Yes
Antagonistic Activity of Trichoderma Against Post-Harvest Orange [Citrus reticulata] fruit fungiBotanyResearch Journey International Multidisciplinary E-Research Journal2019-202348-7143Yes
Effect of Physical Factors on Growth of Alternaria Isolates from Lycopercicum Esculantum MillBotanyResearch Journey International Multidisciplinary E-Research Journal2019-202348-7143Yes
Seasonal Variations of Nutritive Values in Various Parts of Aegle MarmelosBotanyResearch Journey International Multidisciplinary E-Research Journal2019-202348-7143Yes
Isolation and Screening of Curvularia Lunata for Laccase ProductionBotanyResearch Journey International Multidisciplinary E-Research Journal2019-202348-7143Yes
Optimization of Cultural Condition for Laccase Production Form Curvularia LunataBotanyJournal of Global Resources2019-202395-3160Yes
Impact of Chemical Mutagens on Cluster Bean [Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba [L.] TAUBBotanyThink India Journal2019-200971-1260Yes
BT Technology : Allegations Imposed Vs Scientific FactsBotanyOur Heritage Journal2020-210474-9030Yes
Effect of different Physical Factors on Growth of Alternaria Isolates from Capsicumand TomatoBotanyOur Heritage Journal2020-210474-9030Yes
Effect of Chemical Management on Seedling Height in Cluster Beans (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.)Dr. S. G. BasoleBotanyInernational Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology2020-212394-4099Yes
Online Classes – Requisite in School EducationBotanyInernational Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology2020-212394-4099Yes
Ethics and Moral Values : As Core Life Skills for Students and CadetsBotanyJournal of Research and Development2021-222230-9578Yes
Potential of Research in Higher EducationBotanyJournal of Research and Development2021-222230-9578Yes
Effect of Agronomic Design on Productivity of Fodder CropsBotanyJournal of Research and Development2021-222230-9578Yes
Radiation Shielding and Gamma-ray Attenuation Properties of Some PolymersDr. R. R. BhosalePhysicsNuclear Technology and Radiation Protection2017-181452-8185Yes
Detection of New Polymer Materials as Gamma-ray Shiedling MaterialsPhysicsRadiation Effects and Defects in Solids2017-181029-4953Yes
Comparative Study of Gamma-ray Shielding Competence of WO3-TeO2-PbO glass system to different glasses and concretesPhysicsMateials Chemistry and Physics2017-180254-0584Yes
Shaswat Vikas Dheye  : Adivasinchya Samasya va UpayDr. S. Z. ShirsathMarathiOUR HERITAGE2019-200474-9030Yes
Low tempreture Syenthesis and investigation of magnetic Properties of Cobalt Ferrite Nano ParticalsDr.L.B. JadhavarPhysicsJournal of Physics Conference2019-201742-6596Yes
Wartman Takniki Aur AnuvadDr. N. B. KumbharHindiBhasha2018-190523-1418Yes
Vaishvikaran Aur Nari ChetnaHindiOUR HERITAGE2019-200474-9030Yes
Corona Virus Aur Social MediaHindiNagfani2019-202321-1504Yes
New Changes of Income Tax Structure Perspective in Budget : 2020-21Dr. V. B. KuteCommerceOUR HERITAGE2019-200474-9030Yes
Shashvat Vikas va Bhartatil Mahila Sabalikaran DhoranMr. G. D. BavskarSociologyOUR HERITAGE2019-200474-9030Yes
Shashvant Vikas Ani Naukardar Mahilancha Kautumbik Ani Naukiri Vishayak Bhumika SangarshSociologyOUR HERITAGE2019-200474-9030Yes
Use of ICT for Professional Sustainable Development: A Literature ReviewMr. G.D.SagarLibraryOUR HERITAGE2019-200474-9030Yes
Best practices towards use of E-resources in college librariesStudies in Indian Place Names2019-202394-3114Yes