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Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad

Research Centre in Zoology
List of Students pursuing Ph.D. Degree in Zoology.

Name of the Research Guide Name of the  Research Scholar PRN Research Topic Date of Registration
Prof.Dr. A.D.Lakhe 1)Mr.Kukkadgaonkar A.P. 201538622 Study of Eco- Friendly pest management strategies for genus Eudocima in different fruits of Aurangabad District of Maharashtra. November, 2021
2) Miss.Shedolkar T.S. 201538834 Studies on strategies for genus Spodoptera in different Crops in Aurangabad District. M.S., India. November, 2021
3)Mrs.Yadav P.N. 201538666 Comparative study of Chemical Composition & Enzymatic Study of Non – Conventional feed for Indian Major Carp in Beed District, M.S., India. November, 2021
4)Mr.Takalkar D.L. 201538661 Studies on Cestode Parasites of Some Freshwater Fishes from Chas-Kaman dam of Khed Tehsil, Pune District, M.S., India. November, 2021
5)Miss. Langade R.J. 201538659 Molecular & Biochemical Studies on Cestode Parasites of Fresh Water Fishes from Marathwada Region. November, 2021
6)Miss. Galte D.U. 201538648 Biosystematic Studies on Helminth Parasites of Some Freshwater Fishes from Osmanabad District.  November, 2021
Prof. Dr.  R.T. Pawar 1) Mr. Rode S.B. 201538621 Studies on Molecular Taxonomy using Mitochondrial COI gene of economically important Fishes from Marathwada Region. November, 2021
2) Mrs. Indani L.S. 201538638 Studies on Helminthic Fauna of Fishes from Channidae family. November, 2021
3) Mr. Khandare P.R. 201538657 Biology of Endoparasitic fauna of Some fresh water commercially important fishes of Marathwada Region. November, 2021
4) Mrs. Maykar M.B. 201538652 Studies on Limnology of Majalgaon Reservoir and their utilization for fisheries. November, 2021
Dr. S.D. Gulbhile 1) Mr.Thakare M.C. 201538663 Phytochemicals from Medicinal plants to control the stored grain pest Challoso Brachus chinensis. November, 2021
2) Mrs.Kadule M.V. 201538654 Epidemiological study on the fly ash of thermal power plant of Parli Vaijnath and Respiratory and Allergic health of fly ash using brick workers. November, 2021

2. Marathi – Dr. V. S. Kedari (Head, Research Center)

Sr. No. Name of the Student Subject Registration No. & Date Awarded/ in progress
01 Mr. Ganesh Rathod GorBoli: Bhashashartriy Abhyas PRN : 201535621 Awarded Date : 03 Aug. 2013.
02 Ankush Kale Loksahitya Ani Madhyayugeen Sahitya Rachanaprakar Yanchyateel Parasparsamyacha Abhyas PRN : 201535268 Awarded Date : 11 Nov. 2020.
03 Bharat Khetre Mob.No. 9922852457 9370294909 Grameen : Pradeshik Kathatma Sahityacha Loktatwiy Abhyas PRN : 201530669 In Progress
04 Bharat Chavan Mob.No .9850343045 8830014599 Marathwadhyadeel Grameen Kavitetil Shreedarshan EK Vivechak Abhyas PRN : 201535267 In Progress
05 Dnyandeo Ranshur Mob.No. 8983362913 9922882310 Vishwas Patil Yanchya Sahityacha Bhashik Abhyas PRN : 201535269 In Progress
06 Bhagwan Bangar Mob.No .9011815118 Marathitil Vyaktichitranancha Abhyas PRN : 201535270 In Progress
07 Arvind Chavan Mob.No. 9421689159 9822830885 Marathititil Bhatakya Vimuktanchya Niwadak Kadambaryanchya Abhyas PRN : 201535271 In Progress
08 Ashok Dounde Mob.No. 9421510982 8280822250 Krushnarao Keluskar Yanchya Niwadak Sahityacha Abhyas PRN :  201535620 In Progress