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About Library

The College library has started functioning in June 1972.We provide the educational, reading material to the students, faculty, & users of the library. Throughout the academic year we give text books and other reference books to the students and users of the library. Poor and needy students are benefited by providing them books from Book Bank without taking any fees. Efforts are made by the management and principal for the development of the library. The college always try to enhancing good collections in the library from college funds and UGC Grants.

The Library has separate reading hall for the students and separate arrangement is made for the faculty and girls students, internet facility is also available for the faculty. The library always intended to inculcate the reading habit among the students. Library has Organize book Exhibition in per year to the students on the held occasion of the inauguration of science association. Also library give the Best User Award on the occasion of college annual gathering program.

The library has good collection in the form of text books, reference books, periodicals and e-resources.  The library has subscribed N-List Consortia and Dr BAMU Library remote access database for fulfilling the needs of users towards E-books and E-Journals.

Aims of Library

  • To work according to the M. S. P. Mandal guidance
  • To inculcate reading habits among the students
  • To make efforts to save the time of users
  • To provide Literature Search Service to the Users
  • To help the researchers for enhancing the research
  • To Provide ICT based Services to the user
  • To make user-friendly atmosphere in the library.

Library Working Hours & Working Days

  1. The library remain open on Monday to Saturday
  2. Sunday and Govt. holidays remain closed
  3. Working hours – 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  4. Reading hall- 9.00 a.m. to 6.00p.m.
  5. At the Time of examination Library issues book to all students & extending hours of library as per requirements of students.

Library Advisory Committee

Sr.No. Name of the Member Designation
01 Dr. S.Z. Shirsath Chairman (Principal)
02 Dr. M. N. Gaikwad Member (Vice Principal)
03 Dr. G. K. Kakade Member
04 Shri. N. S. Waghmare Member
05 Dr. D. N. Ganjewar Member
06 Shri. S.V. Kale Member (Jr. Supervisor)
07 Shri. G. D. Sagar Ex-Officio Secretary (Librarian)

Library Staff

Sr.N Name Designation Qualification
01 Shri. G. D. Sagar Librarian M. Lib. I. Sc., NET
03 Shri. R. B. Jadhav Library Attendant B.A
04 Shri. S. P. Toke Library Attendant H. S. C

Library Rules

  • Students can issue two library books on their borrow card for a week.
  • Renewal of books will depend on availability and requirement of the same by others.
  • Students can issue one book on their college I-card for reading in study room or for overnight.
  • Loss of I-card/borrow card should be immediately report to the librarian immediately.
  • Students should take care of books issued to them. They should inform about missing pages to the library (counter) staff, the very moment of its issue.
  • Issue of duplicate I-card as well as borrow cards will be made against due charges.
  • Students can avail the facility of reference books/journals, periodicals within the library premises only against I-card.
  • A fine Rs. 1/- per day will be charged on late return of books issued on library borrow card.
  • A fine Rs. 5/- day will be charged on late return of books issued on I-card.
  • Writing of scribbling on or tearing of pages of library books, news papers, periodicals etc. is prohibited and will be liable for strict action.
  • Students should produce their identity card as and when demanded by the library staff.
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the library.
  • In case of any grievances, contact the librarian.
  • On loss of library book, user shall replace the same with a brand new copy or to pay amount decided by library committee.
  • Students should enter their names in the entry register.
  • Photocopying facility at moderate rate is available in the library.
  • Misbehavior will be a sufficient reason for the cancellation of admission.

Future Plan

  • To build up Fully Computerized Library
  • To create Digital Library
  • To Participate UGC Consortia
  • To Create Institutional Repository

Library Services

  1. Circulation service
  2. Literature Search Service
  3. Current Awareness Service CAS
  4. Selective Dissemination of Information SDI
  5. QR Code Service
  6. Online Public Access Catalogue OPAC/Web OPAC
  7. Reference Service
  8. Book Bank
  9. Bibliographic Service
  10. Book Reservation Service

Library Facilities

Reading Room

Reading Room is a place of learning so it should be made most attractive and Comfortable. The students can refer read, the Library recourses like text book, reference book, periodicals, magazines and newspapers etc. Reading room is so vast so as to accommodate at least 50 people at a time. An eight book shelves of reference books are available for readers.

Best Reader Award

  • Library organizes Best Reader Award Competition on the occasion of College Annual Gathering
  • Students submit their own critical review of the book which they read and it is evaluated by expert’s teachers
  • The winners are awarded with book prize.

Book Exhibitions

  • Inauguration of Science Association Function
  • Inauguration of Commerce Association Function
  • Inauguration of Social Science & Language Association Function

Literature Search Service (Through E-mail)

  • To Search article on topic of their research
  • To send a list of relevant articles on concern topic.

Library Blogs

Aims and Objectives:
1. To provide Current Awareness Service (CAS) & Selective Dissemination Service (SDI) to the users.
2. To gives literature search service as per user’s recommendation.
3. To help for enhancing research of the library users

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